This limited lifetime warranty should not be taken to suggest or imply that your bicycle cannot be broken or that it will last forever. It does however mean that with due care and correct use, your bicycle or frameset is covered against defects in assembly materials and workmanship.

Forme bicycles are sold exclusively through our network of trusted, professional and therefore authorised dealers.

Purchasing through an authorised dealer is your assurance of authentic Forme quality. To find your preferred dealer, please visit our dealer locator. Forme products purchased through any channel other than an authorised retailer are not covered by this Forme warranty.

This warranty applies only to the original owner of a Forme bicycle or Frameset (excluding paint and decals) and is not transferable to subsequent owners.

This warranty applies to all models from the 2012 collection onwards and covers Forme branded products only. Any other original part or component shall be covered by the stated warranty of the original equipment manufacturer.

This warranty is made void in its entirety by any modification of the frame, fork, or components.

This warranty is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of a defective frame at the sole discretion of Forme Bikes distributor, Moore Large & Co. Ltd. No other remedy is available under this warranty.

  1. Any bicycle must be supplied fully assembled from an authorised dealer’s premises.
  2. The instructions for use, maintenance and cleaning of the frame must be followed and all usual precautions to protect the frame from the elements must be taken at all times.
  3. This warranty will not apply to frames which have been improperly assembled; or modified; or have had parts or accessories fitted which are not compatible with the frame.
  4. Repainting or re-lacquering a metal frame will invalidate the warranty where the process involves heating the frame to over 180 Celsius. Repainting or re-lacquering a carbon frame will invalidate this warranty altogether.
  5. Moore Large & Co. Ltd. declines all responsibility for damages to people, animals or objects due to the use of this product.
  • Normal wear and tear including the results of Fatigue. Fatigue damage is a symptom of the frame being worn out through normal use. It is one kind of normal wear and tear, and it is the owner’s responsibility to inspect his/her bicycle. See your Forme Bicycle Owner’s Manual for further details.
  • Assembly by non-authorized personnel
  • Improper follow-up maintenance
  • Installation of components, parts, or accessories not originally intended for or compatible with the frameset or bicycle as sold
  • Damage or failure due to a crash, accident, misuse, abuse or neglect (including frames used for jumping, trick riding, racing or any other non-standard use.
  • Labour charges for part replacement or changeover
  • Postage and packing costs. However, shipping any replacement to any authorised dealer will be paid by Moore Large.
  • Incidental or consequential damages suffered.

A Forme owner who needs to make a warranty claim should take the complete bike to a Forme dealer with proof of purchase. A warranty form will then be sent to Forme with the following information:

  • Dated proof of purchase
  • Description of Frame model
  • Description of Model year
  • Frame size
  • Frame number
  • Two digital pictures of good quality (one picture of the whole bike and one macro shot of the problem). If pictures can’t be sent, the frame will have to be sent in for inspection.
  • Short description of the problem.
  • Warranty claims will not be processed if any of this information is missing.
  • After inspection of the frame, several options are possible.
  • If the problem arises from a manufacturing defect or defective material, Moore Large will repair the frame or replace it with the same model or one of similar quality. Upgrades may be possible for a consideration, please ask for details.
  • In case of doubt regarding the problem origin, Moore Large will offer a 50% discount on the suggested retail price for a new frame.
  • If the problem is neither caused by a manufacturing defect nor defective material, or if some of the requested information about the bicycle and its owner are missing, warranty will be voided and no offer will be made. This warranty does not affect your statutory rights.


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