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Supporting local bike shops.

We only sell our bikes via local bike shops and a very small selection of cherry-picked specialists with an exceptional and proven online service.

We could chop out the 'middleman' and sell our bikes directly. Surely in our modern, digital age with shopping habits changing and online purchases made easy there is no place for another link in the chain? We disagree. Bike shops are the essence of our industry.

This doesn't mean we are against online direct brands. Many of them do a fantastic job of delivering quality bikes straight to your doorstep.

We believe there are 2 ways to sell our bikes. Either, (a) via a specialist bicycle shop or (b) direct to door by ourselves. We will never blur the lines and try to do both. We're completely behind our bike shops (a) and committed to building a long term, sustainable cycling community and business.

We are completely behind our bike shops and committed to building a long term, sustainable community.

By removing the what if factors and encouraging a more personal shopping experience, we guarantee the right bike, the right fit and the best customer service both before and after your purchase.

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The Bike Club.

The Bike Club.

We are a proud partner of The Bike Club, the UK's leading bike-rental network for junior bicycles. The Bike Club offer a simple monthly subscription and exchange service so once you become a member of The Bike Club, your child is always able to ride a bike which is the perfect size for them, regardless of how frequently they have their growth spurts! After 1 months or 10 months, you can just return your bike and exchange it for the next size up. Although the bike club are not a typical specialist retailer, their customer care, expertise and sustainable circular economy make them an organisation we want to be a part of.

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Your nearest bike shop.

Your nearest bike shop.

Our specialist store partners should be your go to place for any new product information, availability or bike servicing. They will also ensure your new bike of choice is perfectly fitted for both your intended use and body dimensions. We have over 300 retailers in the UK, each with knowledgeable staff to help find the bike for you. You can use our dealer locator to find the nearest store to you offering both electric bikes and standard bikes from our range. If you're unsure where to start before visiting a bike shop and would like some guidance beforehand then take a look at our Bike Finder to help narrow down your selections before letting our experts in store take over.

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