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Getting the right size bike.

Whether buying for yourself or a child, we consider these steps below a valuable, although a very basic guide, when deciding on a size. 
Even if you have lots of cycling experience as a racing cyclist, regular enthusiast rider or daily commuter, we recommend buying your bike in store via a specialist bicycle retailer or at the very least you should seek a fit guarantee prior to completing your purchase. A particular frame size may not mean the *stack and reach measurements match your existing bike and your retailer of choice will be able to tweak your saddle and handlebar position to dial in the perfect fit for you.

*Stack & reach

Stack is the vertical measurement from the centre of the bottom bracket to the mid-point at the head tube. Reach is the horizontal measurement from the centre of the bottom bracket to the middle of the head tube.

Measuring for kids.

It is a common misconception that age determines the correct sized bike for a child. Inside leg measurements are a far better way of determining this. Age alone isn’t a reliable guide, as we all know the rate at which children grow can be very different!

Step 1 - Taking a measurement.

Step 1 - Taking a measurement.

Take a measurement directly from the inside of the groin to the floor. This is refered to as the ‘inside leg’ measurement. This should be given to your retailer when in store or used to cross reference our product page size guide.

This step is very important when buying for children but can also be helpful when narrowing down the right size bike for adults.

Step 2 - Standover height.

Step 2 - Standover height.

Stand over the the frame, with you bottom just in front of the saddle as pictured. The ideal distance between groin and frame is 2”.

This measurement is not applicable to ‘low step’ frames or ladies frames.

Step 3 - Saddle to pedal position.

Step 3 - Saddle to pedal position.

Get on the bike, either with someone holding it or with the handlebar end propped against a wall to help keep the bike straight without you and it falling over!

Put your feet on the pedals and pedal backwards very briefly until one pedal is at its lowest position, or preferably in line with the frame seat tube. The leg on the pedal (at its lowest position) should be ever so slightly bent as shown when the heel is placed on the pedal. It should neither be completely straight or too bent (as pictured).

Guarantee yourself the right fit & experience.

Specialist Bicycle Dealers are the founts of all wisdom in the cycling community! In addition to making you a brew and discussing all things ‘bike', they can impart unrivalled knowledge offering an exceptional customer experience before presenting you with the most well suited bike for your needs and wants. 
When buying any bicycle, there are many points to consider to ensure your experience is as enjoyable and prolonged as possible, leaving you with no regrets:

• Is the fit correct?

An accurate geometry chart and size guide can support you with a guide as the title suggest but you can never guarantee a comfortable fit. Prior to handing over any bicycle in our range, our Forme approved specialist retailers will guarantee the right size bicycle and will also go a step further in many cases by offering you the opportunity for a full bike fit.

• Is the bike fit for purpose and does it meet my exact needs across its entire specification? (e.g. gear ratio, handlebar width, stem length, saddle shape and tyre width or tread) 

• Can I view and test the bike I am looking to purchase? 

• Can I return the bike for a free 6-month check-up? 

• Can I guarantee the bike meets the post-purchase warranty requirements? 

• Will the bike have a full pre-delivery inspection prior to hand over and meet all safety expectations? 

Looking for improved performance or injury prevention?

The majority of specialist retailers have enough experience to advise the correct frame size and type, saddle type & height, handlebar position and reach for a general leisure cyclist. However, if you ride frequently as an enthusiast or performance driven cyclist we strongly advise a professional bike fit to ride further and faster with greater comfort.

A pro bike fit helps all ability levels to find extra watts and prevent position related injury.
There are a number of fit software options available and hundreds of bike fitters to choose from. If you're keen to learn more about the importance of bike fit for performance and injury prevention, we recommend a thorough read of the International Bike Fitting Institute website.