Forme increase offering with new range of E-bikes

Forme's debut range of e-bikes, the Buxton series offers unrestricted freedom and adventure, with hours of user-friendly and pleasurable riding as well as contributing towards a greener commute. Forme's introduction to the e-bike market challenged them to create the very best all round city and leisure e-bikes at affordable price points.

The electrically assisted Buxton series consists of three lightweight alloy models. It starts with the Buxton 1, which uses an interactive, durable Bosch Active motor, constructed from an aluminium 6061 frameset offering geometry designed for comfort and a shock absorbing SR Suntour NCX suspension fork. A female specific version of the Buxton 1 is available, and both versions retail at £1800. The unisex Buxton 2 retails at £1000, featuring a reliable Bafang motor and aluminium 6061 frame with a high-rise front for an upright riding position as well as a wide, comfortable saddle. The third and final model is the Buxton Folder, with a 20" wheel for easy handling and fold away practicality. All bikes include full-length mudguards, kickstand and carrier.

From the reputable Bosch and Bafang motors Forme use to guarantee a smooth and silent ride, to the confidence inspiring frame geometry and braking systems, the Buxton series represents the ultimate machine to help rekindle a love for bike riding.

Forme's new e-bikes will come with free Cycle Recovery, the comprehensive breakdown and recovery service available with any Forme E-bike purchase. Cycle Recovery is a 24 hours a day and 365 days a year dedicated service to offer that extra peace of mind. With an e-bike, you can cycle further and faster, so it's nice to be reassured that should you be unfortunate enough to experience a puncture, accident, vandalism or irreparable breakdown at least one mile away from your home you can call Cycle Recovery. The policy offers up to three call-outs per policy year and a message service to notify family or employer of your situation, so no need to panic as it will all be in hand. You will be collected and taken to a cycle repair shop, railway station, car rental company, overnight accommodation or home address.

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