Why Forme

Formed By The UK

Forme is British, but what does that mean?

Nestled against the southern tip of The Pennines, our Derbyshire base is a short ride from both the stunning scenery of the Peak District and the metropolitan buzz of Nottingham.

This privileged location, rich in cycling heritage, with its grovelling climbs, epic descents, state of the art velodrome and vibrant commuter belt has been inspirational to our unique approach of creating a range of cycles that has been developed by riders for riders in all disciplines and styles.

The entire design and realisation process, from the inception of a new bike, through design, prototyping, testing and all the way to the final realisation, takes place right here in the heart of the country with our team of riders. There truly is no other way to get it so right.

Real world testing in what can often only be described as challenging conditions ensures our bikes are stacked full of performance, comfort and practical features that can adapt to all the seasonal challenges of British cycling.

Formed By The UK stands for the highest possible standards in quality, design and build to deliver consistent performance every single day, whatever your ride throws at you.

Tailor Fit

Specialist Bicycle Dealers are the founts of all wisdom in the cycling community. In addition to pouring you a brew and discussing all things ‘bike’, they can impart unrivalled knowledge and an exceptional customer experience before presenting you with your perfect bike.

It’s this level of care and understanding that we believe is required to enhance people’s lives with the right bike and it's one that can only be envied by online sellers and mass market producers.

When buying any bicycle there are many points to consider prior to handing over your hard-earned cash. For example:

  • Is the fit correct? A simple geometry chart and size guide can never guarantee a comfortable fit which is why most specialist bike shops offer a full bike-fitting service.
  • Is the bike fit for purpose and does it meet my exact needs across its entire specification? (e.g. gear ratio, handlebar width, stem length, saddle shape, tyre width and tread etc.)
  • Can I view and test the bike I am looking to purchase?
  • Can I return the bike for a free 6-month check-up?
  • Can I guarantee the bike meets the post purchase warranty requirements?
  • Will the bike have a full pre-delivery inspection prior to hand over and meet all safety expectations?

Following your consultation, our retail partner will provide you with a Tailor Fit form. This is your guarantee of complete satisfaction. They will also provide your unique Tailor Fit reference to register your bike and validate its limited lifetime warranty.

Our Tailor Fit platform highlights the benefits of using a local expert to provide best possible buying experience. You’re sure to pedal away hassle-free, feeling enriched, safe and comfortable on your new ride.

Tailor Build

All Tailor Build bicycles are fully assembled by our professional team of mechanics at our HQ here in Derbyshire and undergo a full pre-delivery inspection prior to dispatch.

An extension of our Tailor Fit platform, the Tailor Build program provides the option customise handlebar width, stem length, tyre requirements and wheel choice.

Your local retailer will do all the work for you to complete and submit your Tailor Build form and have your bike professionally built and delivered within 5 working days.

In another exciting development, we can offer any of our Tailor Build model as a frameset so you can now experience the thrill of a bespoke bicycle build from your local authorised expert using as broad a spectrum of brands as desired.

Formed By The UK
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