David Fletcher turns up the heat for CX National Trophy

David Fletcher turns up the heat for CX National Trophy

With another two weeks gone, the heat is starting to turn up. It is only a fortnight until the first round of the National Trophy series, so it's important to do the right things to improve and be ready when the gun goes.

My top end power and speed are the main things to improve over the next few weeks. My general conditioning is good, I've been concentrating on deep down strength and power, this will come in handy when the racing slows down, and if the rain pours.

I didn't race the weekend before the National Trophy, although it was a silly mistake on my behalf, I managed to get a good weekend of training in - turbo efforts, running and general zone work on the bike. It is essential to keep running in the plan, as it helps keep me lean and it also helps when going from ride, to run, and back.

The first National Trophy round came quick. Practicing the course I felt confident, with little time on the bike I went into the event calm, not knowing how I would perform and I didn't give myself an aim. You can't predict a result, with not knowing how I would fair against the leading contenders for the win. I always go for the win, but you need the first round to see where you are and where you can improve - it's a good form finder.

I was pleased once I had crossed that line. Coming home in 5th place was a great ride, keeping the pace and still feeling that there are easy ways for me to improve makes things better for the future rounds. From here, I know my on and off the bikes need a little work, bunny hopping them would solve that problem, so some work on that would help and save energy at the same time. More time on the bike and training with different pressures would give me a boost in cornering with a little more confidence.

From here I travel to Gran Canaria for some family and training time. Working a little more on base riding but still adding those vital efforts to raise that top end speed and conditioning. Following that it is the second round of the National Trophy at Abergavenny where I hope to improve and take a step on the podium.

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