David Fletcher finishes 2nd after final round of the British XC Series

David Fletcher finishes 2nd after final round of the British XC Series

The weekend was a close fought battle with the overall podium positions still up for grabs. This was the last round to gain a podium so the search was on for a good ride.


The course, although simple, made for a tough and fast day. Splitting from the start, I settled in the top five riding cautiously knowing that it could be a long race. As the laps went by gaps began to form, and I found myself contesting with another rider for 5th. Slightly struggling with the pace, I found myself alone in 6th with a short gap to 4th and the same on 7th. The final lap came and was caught by 7th. Holding his wheel till the final 2km of the course I made a dig before a series of tight and twisty corners and the run into the finish. Fortunately, my efforts to get in front worked and took 6th in the sprint.


Once finished it was a short wait to see what the overall results would show. Although my efforts on the day were nothing to shout about my consistency was I and managed to take 2nd overall in the Elite category of the series, which is the same result as last year.


With sometime before the cyclocross season begins I'm now taking a short week to rest and refocus on the cyclocross season, my main sport. From there, I'll be back in training, gaining base miles and adding some cyclocross specific sessions

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