How do you corner on a bicycle or motorcycle? Do you lean or stay upright and turn the bars sharply?

We believe stabilisers represent one of the greatest barriers when it comes to teaching kids to ride bikes, yet we have been brainwashed into thinking they are necessary for years!

We have manufactured our frames to ensure we are as inclusive as possible and therefore enable the fitting of stabilizers but only recommend their use if absolutely necessary to do so.

Stabilizers prevent leaning so if a child pedals with reasonable speed prior to a sharp corner they are highly likely to topple over.

The best and safest way to teach a child how to ride a bike is to begin with a balance bike to master balance, cornering and braking prior to moving them on to their first pedal bike.

We recommend you remove the pedals for the first few weeks on their first pedal bike until they become familiar with handling it confidently and safely.

When you apply the pedals, find a soft surface such as grass and a very slight descent. To begin, encourage them to push off and glide as they would on a balance bike.  Once they have momentum ask them to place their feet on the pedals and push downwards with one foot at a time then watch the magic happen.