Are you e-curious? Feel like you are too young or not ready for one yet. These are all things mountain bikers are asking themselves, if not already on board a eMountain bike.

Take a step back from all the misconceptions and just look at the amount of ebikes already out on the trails and think about what your riding could become if you owned one.

eMountain bikes have come on a long way in the last five years and other than the extra weight, they have become just as agile and fun as their non electric counter parts.

We all ride bikes to stay healthy, enjoy the outdoors and have fun, ebikes just amplify this. Think you prefer an analogue mountain bike to maintain fitness and the motor will distract from that? Think again, the electric assistance just allows you to ride harder and faster. As the terminology suggests it is only assistance, it doesn't do all the work for you, yet allows you to attack the climbs with more confidence and speed. It also switches you from anaerobic to aerobic exercise. While we may not build the same lean muscle mass in our legs, the potentially longer and more aerobic activity is excellent for building stamina and burning fat.

However, eMTB's are not for everyone and this is not about trying to sell you one. At Forme we love analogue mountain bikes just as much as ebikes and hope they will always be apart of our range.

eMountain bikes are clear: you will ride more, cover more ground and squeeze in more descending over a shorter amount of time.