Cycling is so much more than riding a "push-bike"!

We wonder if any global leaders have ever seriously considered how many of the world's problems could be improved by riding a bike for general fitness and mobility?

This is a question other respected cycling advocates have posed a number of times so it isn't intended to be melodramatic. Just take a step back and think about it for a second..

A number of countries, including the UK, have pledged to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. To reach this figure, we all have to contribute something in order to make the dramatic changes required to how we move around.

Although riding to work every day would be ideal, riding to work once per week is a great start for many and would make you part of the solution.

Cycling has the lowest carbon footprint of any mode of personal transport so the further you travel by bike the better. Where it is a possibility, Cycling by bike in busy cities like London is almost a 'no brainer' and certainly a rapidly growing alternative to queuing in a busy tube station or squeezing into a stifling bus in mid-summer.

Nevertheless, the average commute distance in the UK is a round trip of around 23 miles. If anyone travelling this distance to work and back swapped their car for a bike, the difference in our carbon footprint as a nation would be astronomical. If you are reading this thinking 23 miles may be a little out of reach then we have the perfect solution for you! An e-bike.

Electric bikes are a game changer for our nation and your net carbon emissions riding them, surprisingly, will be even less than walking!

As part of the Leadership group for the Bicycle Association (BA), Forme Bikes are actively involved in lobbying for improved cycling infrastructure in and around our towns and cities and engaging government.

We are seeing a very positive response. Notably with the recent announcement of further funding for the Bikeability scheme , a government funded learn to ride programme for adults and school children (sponsored by Forme bikes).

Bikeability have recently announced they will have "trained 5 million children to cycle confidently and enjoy this skill for life by 2025".