You may have noticed some photos on our website or spotted kids at cyclo-cross or triathlon events riding unusually large, adult sized, wheels. Some kids as young as 6 years old have been known to ride a 700c wheel. (Including our own!)

Before you read any further, this article contains bike riding geekery!

The wheel size question is always an interesting debate in both the Mountain Bike world and junior cycling. Rather than blowing your mind with science and getting all controversial! We believe the dilemma is nothing more than horses for courses!

If your child rides a bike for fun and leisure like the vast majority of kids out there, then a standard MTB or ATB bike will be the most suitable, cost effective and easy to ride. Visit our product pages and size guide to learn more on which wheel size to select for your child.

If your child rides a bike for fun, leisure and also competition at either cyclo-cross, road or triathlon, there are clear benefits to riding a larger wheel within these disciplines on our Calver Jr or Calver Jr Pro models. Nevertheless this should never be seen as trying to squeeze a child on to a huge wheel they're not ready for. Despite a larger wheel being less twitchy, they're not confidence inspiring for new riders learning foundational level skills. We see this every week during our academy coaching sessions or the race events we attend.

We believe the right time to consider a 700C wheel for a child, usually riding a 24" or 26" wheels on a standard bike, is when they have developed the core level of skills often featured in Go-Ride level sessions throughout cycling clubs across the UK and a real desire to develop their cycling ability.

Wheel size in only 1 part of it-

What about crank arm length, gear ratios, seatpost and saddle selection, handlebar widths and more?

Our fully built Calver bikes use components specifically selected to support the broadest range of inseams and age ranges.

The Calver Jr Pro frameset on the other hand is a whole new ball game. It is the lightest frameset in its category and can be custom built with almost any components to suit your wish list and budget. Our suggestion at this point would be to make it easy and ask the experts if you're unsure. We have cherry-picked several custom build and cyclo cross specialists across the UK (there's a few National and World Champions in there too!) who can help you here, remove the thinking time and build a pro looking bike!

We could go on and on and become obsessives talking about the optimal measurements for every few millimetres your child grows but this is the point where we encourage you to relax! We are passionate about bikes too, but we have to remind ourselves we are talking about bikes for kids! Fun and speed are the primary objectives and we would like to think we are at the top of the list when it comes to advocating accessibility to our sport. (Check out the depth of our range!).