Finding the right components for a custom built racing bike ideally fitted to your growing sprog can be a challenge- we know! It is a very specialist category requiring expert attention to detail. If you don't know what you're looking for, we have cherry-picked 8 junior custom build specialists across the UK (there's a few National and World Champions in there too!) who can help you here. They will remove the thinking time and build a pro looking bike!

Each of our expert stores have a proven, trusted back ground and have access to a huge range of component brands to perfectly match your dimension requirements and are capable of drilling down to millimetre detail on cockpit dimensions, crank lengths and gear ratios per age category if you really want to go that far.

Finally though, although ourselves and our retailers could become obsessive talking about optimal measurements for every few millimetres your child grows, this is the point where we encourage you to relax! We are passionate about bikes too and encourage a "project", but we have to remind ourselves we are talking about bikes for kids and are determined not to be categorised as an elitist brand in any circle.
Having fun building the best kids bike possible is the primary objective with our Calver Jr Pro. Judging by the depth of our range we would like to think we are at the top of the list when it comes to being an advocate for accessibility in cycling.

You can custom build a Calver at over 200 specialist bike shops across the UK. If you’re unsure where to start please contact us at From here we will point you in the direction of your nearest expert retailer with suitable junior specific components.

Leading experts carrying a range of sizes to try include:

1. Zepnat Cycles - Derbyshire 
2. Elmy Cycles - Suffolk 
3. Pi Cycles - Ireland  
4. Paceline - Yorkshire 
5. Synergy Cycles - Scotland 
6. Pankhurst Cycles - Reading  
7. Falmouth Cycles - Cornwall 
8. Sherwood Pines Cycles - Nottinghamshire