Junior ATB Welcoming kids to the world of gears and freedom. Lightweight, with 8 gears to choose from, and expertly designed to make cycling easy by fitting their little bodies perfectly.

What wheel size should I go for?

What wheel size should I go for?

For most junior bikes you should measure your child's inseam and height and refer to our sizing guide here: (Link)

Blending experience and science

Blending experience and science

When developing our bikes, we always try our best to blend our scientific research with experience as riders and coaches. Q factor (distance between the crank arms), frame triangle length and handlebar width often see a compromise between number logic and bike handling ability.

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An ATB or All Terrain Bike is synonymous with a hybrid bicycle. All our Kinder & Cubley bikes are ATB's capable of use on road and most off road use. MTB's or mountain bikes usually feature a front and sometimes rear suspension. They are intended for more technical off road riding.

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What should I look out for when buying a kids bike?
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The Perfect fit

Use our helpful sizing guide to find the right size for you or your child.